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Contractual Law

Our system is based on contract law. By the motorist entering the land and seeing the contractual warning signs displaying the terms and conditions for parking, they enter into a contract regarding the parking regulations. Should they choose to ignore the terms and conditions of parking, they are breaking the contract. This is enforceable in the civil courts.

There are several internet forums that deal specifically with parking charge notices issued by private parking enforcement companies. The information on these forums are often incorrect and the people offering this advice are not legally qualified in any way.

Supreme Court of the United Kingdom – landmark court decision

On 4th November 2015 a landmark judgment was handed down in favour of a parking operator who took a motorist to court for non payment of a parking charge. Further details on the case can be found here – This case was seen as an important ‘test case’ due to the complex legal arguments used by both sides. The ruling sets a legally binding precedent on all similar cases for the whole United Kingdom.

All Parking Services UK LTD ensures that all our sites display contractual warning signs in prominent locations that clearly set out the rules and terms and conditions of parking on your car park in clear unambiguous language. This ensures that motorists have read and have contractually agreed to the parking regulations, as a result they also agree to pay a charge of £100 within 28 days of issue if they park in breach of those regulations.

All our parking notice are issued within the guidelines set out in:-