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Most car parking firms will either keep all the revenue they collect from people abusing your parking facilities or only pay £10.00 commission, at APS we feel you should benefit from parking abusers & with times getting hard let your car park earn you some money, we offer up to £30.00 commission on every paid ticket the highest in the UK.

All Parking Services UK Ltd ‘Self – Ticketing Service’ is an ethical parking system which provides hundreds of customers throughout the UK with a highly effective solution that consistently performs beyond expectation. If that wasn’t enough it is also incredible value, with no on-going costs, easy to set-up and easy to use. (Video gathering equipment can also be supplied).

Our Self – ticketing service gives you complete control over parking management on your premises. The client arranges for a staff member(s) or Security staff to self-monitor their own spaces and enforce them by way of issuing a Parking Charge Notice, This service is ideally suited to places where there may be particular sensitivities, i.e. Hospital, Primary Care Trust Sites and Schools. In return for issuing these notices you will receive up to £30.00 for every notice that pays.

Once a notice has been issued simply log into our system and enter the details of the tickets and upload photographs.

All communication with the vehicle drivers is made through our Control Room ensuring you and your staff need not get involved

Our standard parking charge notice is £100.00 reduced to £60.00 within the first 14 days of issue but this can be varied to suit your particular circumstances. If after 28 days the charge remains outstanding the vehicle keeper details may be requested from the DVLA and we will pursue the motorist for the charge. Our Legal Department/Debt Recovery Agent shall undertake, at no expense to you, the enforcement / collection of the parking charge.

This is an non-confrontational system and an effective intelligent way to solve your parking problems.

Once a month you will receive a cheque for any paid notice and a report of the status of all the notices that have been issued on your car park.

Depending on the type of signage you require this service is usually


What’s more if you recommend someone and they use our service, you will receive £5.00 for every paid ticket they issue too, (even if you do not use our service yourself) there is no limit to the number of recommendations you can make, the more you recommend the more you will earn.


Step 1 – Register

Step 2 – Erect mandatory entrance signs

Step 3 – Erect warning signs in prominent positions

Step 5 – Issue parking tickets to offending vehicles via our app

Step 7 – Receive commission on all paid tickets

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